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Gyms here open Monday the 18th
I am so ready to get back in a gym. I have learned that I suck at home gym work out.
I tried but failed. Recognizing this I switched my focus and took last several week to just do some house cleaning on the body.
Been working on my diet. Trying intermittent fasting. Only a few day into it. I was trying to add muscle before so was pounding the clean food at about 3000 calories. I have backed down to 2300 for now.
Hardest part of the 16-8 fast is mornings. I know It takes couple weeks to get use to it. I was waking up and eating right away 4-500 calories with first coffee at 5 am.
Now no food till noon.
Not a lot of weight for me to loose was just feeling a bit thick in the middle. Down 10lbs and that?s about all I need. I do feel smaller in muscle for sure.
That?s behind me and feel clean and ready to go. Been mountain biking as cardio. Great change.
Future. Just ordered some s23 from S4S. I have YK11 already.
Like always crazy fast and easy purchase too delivery. Ordered Friday and will be here Monday or Tuesday. Did bloods with TRT doc last week, all is good
Get a couple days in gym to see how it is working.
If all is good to go I will be running YK11 and s23 together. I am excited to try this combo. Of course I will run a log for all to see. Feels strange having lost size in just a weeks time. Wasn?t big to start with so a small loss is noticeable.
Ready to get back at it!!!
Wow good for you man I?m in CA and still no word of when my gym will open. Glad to hear you will be back at and with a pretty nice Stack of SARMS I must say please log
I am excited. Of course we will see. I?m going to check out both gyms I go too and see how everyone is handling things. Then I can decide if it?s a good idea.
Of course it?s not all about me. I have to think of others around me and at home.
Saw my 89 year old parents today, first time in three months. Still kept distance and cleaned a lot being around them!
Good luck to you brother. Stay safe and crush it. Looking forward to hearing feedback if you run the S23 and YK. That is a combo I am dying to run in the future.
Went back to the gym this eve. Wasn?t crazy busy. Felt good to go back. Parts of gym shut down still. No locker rooms, showers, sauna, and some other stuff. Lots of staff constantly cleaning. I mean lots. People seemed to be doing stuff responsibly.
I was really wanting to get on the In Body machine and see what progress I had lost. I am happy with the numbers. Body fat went down to normal for me. Muscle lose was 3.5 pounds. Overall weight went down 8 lbs. all is good. It?s a set back but it?s all good. We will all work through this together!!

March 15
192 lb
100 lb SMM

May 18
96.5 lb SMM
7.5 % bf
May 18 2020
96.5 lb SMM
7.5 % bf

Found my numbers from

May 20 2018
176 lb
86. 5 lb SMM
11.5 % bf
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