RAD140 timing question


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I lift around 5am. I see most say dose in the morning but the half-life isn't very long. Should I dose before bed or before lifting? Does it matter if I take it only 30min prior to lifting?
With RAD-140 is doesn't matter ... the half-life is ~24 hours so dose once / day whenever it is most convenient. Just be sure to dose at the same time, each day.
the half life is 24 hours dude... its taken once a day.. it makes no difference if you take this when you workout or not
Perfect. Thanks gents.
@dylan - while I'm asking questions. Mild pct- I'm worried about clomid with the risk of eye problems (as I have some already), is novla a better option?
What's the time frame before people typically notice a difference when taking Rad? I ask because I'm afraid I may be under-dosing. 1st time using rad, I'm 6'4 and 225 taking 20/per. Only been taking it for a week. Thank you.
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