RAD-140 and Test booster?


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Hey guy, I?m new to this site so I?ll start off with my stats:
Height: 5?6
Weight: 230
Body fat: ~15%
Bench: 405 lbs
Deadlift: 525 lbs
Squat: 565 lbs

My goal for this year is compete in my first powerlifting meet in December.

If I missed anything else you guys need let me know. So to my question. I?ve been running RAD140 solo for 10 weeks, I?ve got 2 more weeks then I will run a test booster as a PCT. I was just curious if running a test booster while taking RAD140 was worth it? I haven?t been able to find anything on it.

In the past I?ve ran Test Cyp but I stopped working out for about 2 years (started back up in January) and I wanted to give SARMS a shot. So far I?m really impressed. Any advice on RAD140 and a Test Booster together would be awesome. Thanks.
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Yes running a test booster for the duration of the cycle will definitely help and is recommended.