Question about my blood work result.


I wish I can post a picture here. so you guys can see my test result more clear.
but it seems like I can not.

(and of course I am taking Ai my estrogen level showed perfect)
I have been taking test e 300 mg tren e 300mg weekly for about 10 wks now
but it still did not kick in.
I have used tren ace twice before so I think i know when it kicks in.

My blood showed that
Prolactin < 1.0 blow 2.0 ~ 18.0 ng/ml

so it seems like I need to drop or decrease my caber

but do you think that my prolactin level is so bad that it would even make tren not working ??

fun fact is that I am using the same amount of caber 0.25 every 3 days how I always have been using on tren... and it worked good before every time.
human body is very interesting.

thank youu

have a good day !
would it make your tren not work?? what? no... but it could have potential negative side effects... side effects can obviously hinder gains
Thanks alot ! As always
I just ordered a steroid test kit.
Time to find out the answer
If my tren is fake or not...

Have a wonderful day.
Definitely let is know how it turns out. You should definitely be feeling 300mg of tren e long before 10 weeks.
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