Question about mixing SARMS with DBol


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Hello, I wanna use LGD and RAD for my first cycle but I wanna maximize the gains and i don't mind the extra body water or fat I find it very easy to cut. So I thought adding dbol would be a good idea.

Anyways how much should i use of each LGD , RAD and DBOL ? And is an 8 week cycle a good idea for starters ? If you guys have better ideas (orals only) than dbol let me know everything is legal here but limited so I will look into it.
And thanks in advance!
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So you want to run an oral steroid without a test base, great idea
Rad and LGD both suppress test levels then your going to take d-bol on top of that really smart idea.
Please do some research and educate yourself on what you are doing. SARMS should be run for 12 week cycles to maximize the benefits.
Thanks I know that already but I don't have other options there is a shortage in medical supplies they have limited buying syringes and needles to doctors only and certain types of doctors. So orals are the only way for me.
not a good idea whatsoever man... actually, an absolutely horrible idea... stick with JUST sarms...
Isn't that what I am doing right now? Looking for some "education".
I think he meant do some research beforehand (reading, searching online). We talk about oral only steroid cycles being a bad choice frequently.
Since this is your first cycle, I recommend just sticking to SARMs. You do not need to add in steroids at this point. Save the dbol for your next run.
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