Question about HCG and blasting/cruising


Hey guys

I had been doing a 18 week cycle recently but hadn't used HCG throughout and my balls had shrunk etc, then I went off for about 2 weeks to allow the esters to clear (with the view to doing a PCT)

Now, my balls are still small but also I havn't got any sex drive or basically any testosterone floating about since I quit injecting 2 weeks ago. So im basically at that initial PCT stage where you feel like s8#t

I decided im going to cruise on low test for the next few months. Im just really concerned that, if I go back on Test @ 200mg week for a cruise dose and add HCG in along side will my balls go back to normal size and sex drive etc will be back to "normal" within a few weeks?

The other option is PCT but im sort of preferring to choose the lifestyle choice of cruising instead.

Can any you guys helps me on this?

Much appreciated, Thanks
Dude, you need to try and recover. I wouodmt advise that at all. A lifestyle choice is not a justification to stay on test and self medicate. I don't support this whatsoever

If you pct and can't recover properly through bloodwork, that's when you would see a doctor

What is your stats?
i agree with rick... i know you are not that old man and you dont just start blasting and cruising for no reason
Im nearly 29 guys. Im hovering around 95kg at the moment since I quit the 18 week cycle. Heaviest was around 100/102kg
6ft2, 5 years training
At your age youre better off in the long run running a pct. If you choose to stay on you most likely will need to be on the rest of your life. My co-worker made a similar decision, ran an 8 week pct, got blood work done and his test was at 36. If you ever want to have a family its best to cycle off with a pct then wait the time and go back on. 200mg is likely too high of a dose for trt. I feel like you are making some bad decisions at your age. But in the end its your decision. It sucks coming off we all get that but its part of the game to keep yourself healthy. Not just your hormones but cardiovascular system and kidneys. Be smart
What do yous think of Rich Piana's theory about PCT in this video where he basically says, he cycles for approx 3 months, then goes off for between 1-3 months and in between that time hes using HCG instead of the usual clomid and nolvda
ive always thought that was a crock of shit and always will and i would never advise you to just blast and cruise at 29 years old... thats ridiculous unless you have a serious condition but hey, its your life and you do what you will
The first obvious problem to me at any rate is that you would be running the risk of losing your fertility permanently.

The second is that if you are going to be blasting and cruising at 29 you will be shortening your life - substantially.

Bro, I'm almost twice your age and let me tell you, life already goes far too quickly.
Agree with all the above - you need to come off everything after a proper pct and recover. Regarding your questions about running Test and HCG - TRT guys do this all the time and yes it keeps sex drive, fertility and ball size - but this ONLY when on TRT for life. At your age you risk being put on TRT permanently if you do not recover and keep blasting and cruising.

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i dont know... i like you dude but ive also given you a lot of advice since you have been here and many others have as well and you never really seem to listen and end up doing what you want and you always seem to end up with problems so i dont know what else to really say or do... when you have someone that continually offers help yet the other person never listens, you tend to not want to help anymore
I definately always take the advice from the veterans on here its just on this occassion im caught up in my own head and didnt have a clear plan.
I acctually got a coach for PED's specifically and told him about my situation and his advice was

Go off everything
Start 2 months of HCG 2500iU Monday/Wednesday/Friday
At the end of use 200mcg of Triptorelin
And for estrogen control, 50mg Zinc in morning, 50mg in evening
thats fucking horrible advice, omg... what the fuck... thats HORRIBLE... go ahead and do that and let us know how much worse off you are.. SMFH... wow
Had a feeling Dylan would have something to say about that!

Tbh the HCG dosage and duration seems totally excessive, I think this will take you all the way back to where you are right now. Your body has all sorts of feedback mechanisms and this is just going to tell your body to stop producing lh and fsh and I assume you understand the consequences of that?
Ill just do 4 weeks of HCG @ 500iU Mon and 500IU Thursday and use the zinc as an AI

i'll See how im feeling in a month, if a PCT with clomid and Nolva is required at that stage then so be it.
Dude really because you don’t feel right back to normal after two weeks off your last shot are u kidding me??? It’s not that simple man and this shows you were not ready for gear at all.
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