Question about doing blood work to see if my gear is legit

you over thinking it

300 means nothing

the number fluctuates because the gear is entering your system slowly and leaving your system slowly. so you just happened to test at a time where more gear was leaving your system than going in

the gear is Good from both of your brands, if it was underdosed your numbers would be far lower
really appreciate your help !
it cleared my mind.

I saw one of your article
really appreciate your help

I read one of your posts

and you suggested me to get HORMONE PANEL FOR FEMALES for a good deal and simple test.

I think they have changed the website
so with this new website setting I choose Hormone Panel For Woman ? would that be the same thing ?

Thank you
Have great day Stevesmi !
As a general rule with test, your levels should be 5-7x your dose. So a dose of 630mg should get you to 3150 - 4410. Either way, you are at levels that are way higher than natty and should yield great results with proper diet and training.
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