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In case you didn't know, PSL does indeed carry LETROZOLE!

A very strong, and sometimes necessary AI for knocking down estrogen FAST.

-Perfect for those aromatize rapidly and struggle to keep those E2 levels in range.

-Also great for gyno prevention and cessation.

-Great for drying out your physique for contest preparation.

Check out our expert's write up on this interesting compound ... explained/
I can see this as being very useful on a bulking cycle where you use high test and other items to keep the free test very high. During that type of cycle, you can be making a lot of E2 and a little Letro goes a long way.
I tend to tell people to avoid letro unless entirely necessary. An inexperienced user will experience such a nasty estrogen rebound it's entirely unproductive.

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The best use for it is when you are stupid and do not take an AI on a bulk - or when you are testing a new product for a well respected company and it does not have the power to drop the E2 on a bulking cycle (but works great on a normal TRT dose) and you suddenly find your E2 level around 248.4.

Not saying the latter ever happened to anyone, but it is a possibility...and then Letro comes in pretty handy. ;)
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