Puberty Gyno


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Hey guys, quick question.

I'd like to know a proper and prudent cycle to correct puberty gyno using Adex. Thank you. We can add other gear if necessary.

aromasin ED @ 25mg

ralox ED @ 45mg, then drop down to 30mg after 20 days.

caber ED @ .25mg

proviron ED @ 25mg

continue on as long as you need to. dex alone isnt going to do shit. You may be running this 75/85 days, than slowly taper off of it.

Your really going to need to educated yourself on gyno, from start to finish. Everything about it. Its complicated and there's a lot that goes into it....................................... welcome to the club.
Thank you GymRat. Since I'm running a Triple Stack SARM, I'm thinking of doing it once I start PCT (depending on result fron cycle).
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