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Good morning / evening Dylan!

I am writing fir several reasons, primarily you seem the only bodybuilder with a forum on YouTube who talks what I consider to be complete scientifically based facts, sense and have without dountvthe most extensive knowledge of AAS, HGH , SARMS ,DIET, TRAINING etc etc out of the entire bodybuilding world including all the IFBBs card holders, andvother gurus likevlate richbpiana (RIP) course but heart in right place but rich wasn’t my cup of tea in an English sense!
I have watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of your videos, subscribed and am on your forum and even at the age of 46, with 27 years of bodybuilding knowledge and sensible ASS USE, Not abuse still absorb essential valuable knowledge from you I never have known before and for this you get my utmost and greatest respect .

I have only 1 question I wish to to ask and bow down to your superior knowledge .
I m 46 married and am a Design Enginerr so basically spend 10hours a day sat down !!!
Im 5ft 7, 202 lbs and 12.8% bf as latest measurements show. I’m naturally short sticky and have a predominant mesmomorph bodytype BUT I cannputbon a few pounds but overall reasonably good genetics and athletic since child,
We had a stillborn 5 years ago which spiralled me into a serious depression and I was sectioned under the U.K. mental health Act for 6 mths hence no training for 5 years, yes 5 years psychological recovery. I’ve been back training naturally for 4 mths ( prior to that I have trained naturally all my life for 18 yrs built a solid foundation and have done 3 mild bulk courses with complete kickstart/ ancillaries/ supplementation/ and PCT complete and yielded a high degree of PERMANANT gains.
Ive recently had a full blood panel all enzymes are within parameters . Thyroid is underactive fore hoch I take levothyroxine in the national health system we gave here.
As you know Dylan AAS are class C here hence legal to consume, but illegal to sell . HGH is widely available to purchase but expensive

In a nutshell my proposed course is as follows indeed in line with one of your recommendations!!!!

TBOL wk 1-5 50mg ed
Test Enanthate wk 1-18 450mg /wk
Equipoise 600mg / wk wks 1-18
Deca 400mg / wk wks 1-18
Tudca ( I need to try to source)
Armidrex 1mg EOD course duration

On cycle support - milk thistle, tudca , dandelion root juniper plus many more inc Aloe Vera juice

PCT - exactly as you direct on your dicumentary

Im not Setting any goals Dylan , as at 46 and so long out from heavy duty training I simply have no idea how my body will respond but I have blood work done at university of nahm school of medicine EVERY 6 weeks and BP / glucose every week.

I just wondered what your thoughts are on the above given your level of intelligence ( not trying to blow smoke) butvyou are inteligentbabd experienced and educated and mostly all I really value a respect the fact that you are straight, honest and a caring person .

Don’t change.

My warmest regards and best wishes for the future.


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thank you for your words brother, i appreciate it... i truly do... now for your cycle... you have great stats to start with... however, from what i am understanding, you are wanting to run a cycle after just 4 months back training, not to mention a cycle that is for far more advanced users??? am i just missing something here or am i reading this all correctly??? you need to get back training longer first and i would also be VERY VERY hesitant to run a cycle of this typed... you dont even list protection for prolactin with deca? i would highly reconsider this. i would wait until you have been training at least a year before considering anything and then perhaps go with something a bit lighter like test, eq and tbol... i LOVE your attitude and see you had some tragedies to deal with with i COMPLETELY understand but in this circumstance i would get back into training more first brother


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You really need to give yourself more consistent time in the gym before cycling, and put together a solid diet plan. I'd recommend that before jumping into anything