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Thinking outside the box a little the other day, while i was picking out some new pre-workout i was thinking what i needed. What i should do with so many choices out on the market. There is so many combinations and formulas in all of them. So in my thinking standing there looking, while on gear my body or your body is in over drive and could use anything to drink or use. Being off cycle now for going on three weeks and wondering what my body needs now to keep what i have and help keep me focused during workout. Do i need good amount of caffeine with arginine and nitric oxid boosters or something less caffeine with creatine monohydrate, for some water retention to keep me full and strong. Or am i just thinking to much about it and the chemistry of using different pre-workout while on a cycle verses off cycle.. I'm just wanting to keep as much as i gained on cycle until i cycle again. Size and mass is the biggest thing I'm wanting to keep, strength i know ill lose. I looked around here and read nutrition post but didn't see any information or thoughts about post cycle supplements.
everyone is deifferent on that man... you dont need any of it... thats just what you feel you want to try... i use cellucor on the go but im not able to take much with stimulants anymore because i abused them when i was much younger... but to ask what you need is only going to get a response of you dont need any of them... if you feel you have to have it to work out, then you just have to try different types and see what works for you... you are making something as simple as 2+2 in the math world and turning it in to advanced calculus
You don't "need" Amy type of preworkout. They can help give you a boost in energy, pumps, etc but they are in no way necessary for progress whatsoever. They are just there to help,push you a little if you need that. Don't overthink it and if you want to use one, then use one
It just comes down to preference. I used to always get higher caffeine. But now I only use stim PWO a few times a month. Most days I use a pump igniter style. Open the blood vessels and pump that blood.
Thanks for the input. i figured i was over thinking it way to much but then figured id ask and find out.
If your diet is in check you will not need any pre workouts bro fuel your workouts with wholesome foods, chicken a cup of rice if your macros allow you to fit them in 1-2 hours before you train, drink a black coffee if needed but pre workouts are full of non essential substances and stimulants. I dont know your age so I will not tell you what I use for a pre workout.
I take Cialis 20mg eod regularly and I usually have a cup of coffee before I go to the gym.

I've never even tried any of those fancy pre workout drinks.
Agree on no "need" but I find that one which has stim/focus elements really helps in quality of my workouts - i.e. the mental part.
i personally cannot drink coffee but i know a lot of guys that use it for pwo... there's no issue with that at all... what i will tell you from persona experience is to not over do it.. i started really abusing them about 10 years ago now and after a year and a half of that they just ate my stomach up and now i cannot tolerate anything too strong at all... you dont want to become dependent on them either... the real reason i even use something lighter now is because im running 10 miles per day now and i had stopped doing that for many years but doing that, i want all the boost i can get...
Agree on no "need" but I find that one which has stim/focus elements really helps in quality of my workouts - i.e. the mental part.
They certainly help get me going in my workouts, but I also train very early in the am. Anytime I train afternoons I don't use a preworkout
If it’s an early morning or a day where I feel dead for no reason I’ll always lean towards a high caffeine preworkout or a low cal monster at worst. But on most days the biggest thing for me is eating carbs before like a quick bowl of pasta and maybe throw some citriline/ Arginine in there for an added pump.
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