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Hey Dylan!
Love the YouTube channel, super informative videos! I've been using anabolics almost 5 years now(since I was 19 lol) and generally know what I'm doing but would appreciate any advice you can give me for my next cycle! I'm primarily a powerlifter, but also take pride in maintaining an impressive physique and this summer I want to look almost as if I was good as if I was going to do a men's physique competition while preserving as much strength as possible(744 comp deadlift). I'm cutting from 220 to 195-200 and am already down to 210. Currently running 600 test 600 eq and am definitely adding in 50 mg anavar ed and 300 deca in the next month or so and will run another 12 weeks(the injectables).That will make for 1 and 2/3 3cc injections per week,(the test and eq are both 300mg/ml) so the first thing I am wondering is what do you think would be the best thing to add for the last cc? (Working off 2 3cc injections per week) go up to 600 deca? 900 eq? Add tren enth at 200mg?(kind of don't want to use tren if I don't have a meet coming up but I'm open to it) Primo at just 100mg? Following up the idea of using primo at just 100, would I get any benefit from that or slightly higher(200-300) given that it is being stacked with several other anabolics or would it still have to be 500mg+ as you've mentioned in your video. 500 mg or more of primo is probably the only thing I don't have money for anabolics wise. Appreciate any advice you can give me with regard to those couple of things!
i dont advise anyone your age to use steroids... its not funny you have been using steroids since you were 19 at all... im sorry but i cant help you... im not going to contribute to you continuously destroying your life.. im sure plenty of people will say the damage is done and it doesnt matter but i dont want anything to do with that man
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