OMG i thought it was just me going crazy. what was up with that!?!

they were attempting to block anyone from being able to say adrenaline rush on their forum... what that causes is ALL words ending in rush, ush etc. being blocked out... stupid fucks!! LOLLL
Our motivation is simple here. Help people reach there goals, learn and grow together...

exactly... that's the vision, the message an what we follow through with... look at all the great minds in one place... i mean all joking aside... there is a fuckload of knowledge here but now we can all work as one, together, for what we believe... that's why we stand out because everyone here is on the same page... we will never all agree on the same things but you notice how we do it here? we all open our minds, see the others point, present ours and work as one regardless of our methods etc... we all think alike in way yet we are all different... all of us learn from each other and we all work together... its what its all about... its starts at the top and resonates through everyone... im not perfect whatsoever and im never afraid to admit when im wrong whatsoever, that pride shit is absurd but i think its important to lead by example... A perfect example is showing humility, admitting your wrong but leading everyone together... being there for everyone and doing whatever you can to make sure everyone succeeds... I just love how everyone works so hard together, we laugh together, we succeed together, we pick up others when they are down and we just flat out care... that's what its all about and that's what i try to bringt to everyone...
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