Please read this if you're having problems to access the site

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Hi friends.

Our site has been unusually heavy ddos attack since Sunday afternoon and all protection systems kick in to keep site up.
But the attackers often use IPs from areas where most people order from, especially within the US.
This causes our cloud service to automatically ban some of these IPs.

So, if you're having problems to access our site, please clean cookies, use a different browser and/or change country on your VPN.

This should work for most cases. If you're still having problems, please let me know your email address registered on our site privately and I can pass the info to our tech team and they can manually give you access.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Should be back to 100% in next few hours or maybe couple of days.

The Steroidify Team.
Hello again, guys.

Still not 100%.

Most people are being able to access with TOR browser, so please try it if our site is not loading up properly on your current browser.

Thank you.
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