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Phurious Test/Tren Storm/hGH order touchdown

I just received my order from Phurious: 3 jugs Test Cyp, 3 jugs Tren Storm, and 2000iu's hGH. Turnaround was about 4 weeks but that was because I asked him to wait until the hGH showed up and ship everything at once. Otherwise he could've split the shipment and I would have had the aas 3 days after payment. I also had some pretty wacky shipping requests that Phurious handled with the utmost professionalism.

The packaging was done with obvious care and discretion, really appreciate that. The jugs, vials, and labels look awesome - love the red tops!

I'll update this review in a couple of weeks with serum/IGF tests for the growth. The aas is just for cruising so not too concerned about bloods for that. But I am getting a full work-up done for post-blast, general principle type purposes, just to make sure I didn't cook my liver too bad on my last blast, and those will be posted along with the hGH results.

I pinned the Test/Tren storm this morning pre-workout. Smooth, no pip. I have trained many times using no-esther Tren, but my experience with the Storm this morning was very different. Today was my "go-hard" day in the gym and the Storm is no fucking joke! I was pushing heavier weights for more reps than I have in months. Fucking BEAST - 'nuff said.

Sub if you're interested in the results of my bloods. I should have them posted here by Jan 8 or so.

Here's a gear pic:


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VERY nice bro... we are starting our hgh together just like i told you we would! fucking sweet! i can't wait to see your results!


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Making me jealous bro! As soon as my stuff hits my mailbox I'm dipping in! Nothing like your set up lol. But Phurious nonetheless

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