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There’s seems to have been an increase in the interest for sarms and we’d like to remind everyone that among other things Pharmalady is an approved source for sarms. She was sourcing sarms long before she was allowed to advertise on Isarms, why you ask? That’s because Dylan has a long and meticulous vetting process. This not only includes the sponsor, but it also includes making sure they’re products are of high quality. For more information send your questions to; [email protected] and for a price list send your inquiry to; [email protected].

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Global Anabolics

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Global anabolics s 23 is fire. To anyone looking for Tren-like aggression/drying/vascularity/strength/mental focus without all the nasty side effects try 20 mg of s-23 1h pre-workout.I suggest you be on cycle, cruise or TRT cuz that stuff is as supressive as a steroid.
Definitely looks promising. I'm considering adding some sarms in my next run. Too many bunk sarms out there now a days . Def interested in trying out the lgd and gw
Want sarms?
Pharmalady's got you covered at unbeatable prices, so there's no reason for you to bypass them due to the high cost.
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