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PharmaComStore/Steroidify customer assistance


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How are you brothers doing? I havent posted in a while. My question was in regards to some form of customer assistance or help for placing an order. I love steroididy and left you guys several positive reviews. I do tons of hard training and knowing you guys are legit, trust worthy and honest, that truly warms my heart. I get butterflies whenever I order from you guys because everytime we do business i know not only do you guys have my back but your products are about to take my athleticism to the next level. We dont deserve you. youre too Good to us :) <3, having said that. I wanted to place a big order soon (couple of weeks) and i just wanted someone i can have direct contact with to help me not only understand how to pay with bitcoin, but to also help me activate both the loyalty discount and the 10% off coupon, i also wanted to buy specific products i know from certain warehouses thatll deliver to my home faster than the other warehouses. So too make long story short, I really just need help cutting the shipping time in half by buying from certain warehouses and paying with bitcoin while applying discounts and coupons. Its kind of confusing for me, so is there any pharmacomstore/steroidify represenative or customer service assistant i can exchange my email with, or phone number, hell even social media with? just so business can be smoother on my part. Im not ordering now but i want to be prepared and less confused when i do. I sincerely apologize for the long question, God bless and thank you in advance!


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As per your other thread, you can communicate complex order requests directly to customer service at Please note multiple discount codes do not stack, but the bitcoin discount stacks at 5% with othe discount codes.