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I will be working with Pharma Lady as a new rep. So needless to say, PM me if you have any questions or for a price list, and use my name as a referral for a first time buyer discount on her products. She is top notch, I said this before I became her rep lol....

i ran her TBOL and I am currently running her DECA, they are both superb quality, and her customer service is fast and great.


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She really is great. I have 2 go to sources, Pharma Lady is one of them. Great quality products, great selection, great customer service.


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Awesome spiked. I'm about to be on her deca and dbol. And I have some test cyp from her that will be used in conjunction with my pharm test.

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Hello Everyone

SpikedEggnog is now a rep for me,he have hands on experience with products and is very experienced and knowledgeable with everything from training to cycles.

Im very grateful to have him as part of my team.