Pharma Lady SARMs TD!


Hello everyone!! I wanted to share some information regarding SARMs order from Pharma Lady. I want to give a shout out to CBBRAM for facilitating my order! I submitted my order on December 13th and received it here in the US today (January 7th). So it took 25 days to get it. There were two holidays (Christmas and New Year) so I’m pretty sure it won’t take that long if my order wasn’t submitted during the holiday season. The package was packed really well and the pills are packed nicely IMG_0908.jpgIMG_0910.jpgand are labeled clearly. I’ve posted some pics for y’all. I’ve started taking these today and will continue to take them for the next 12 weeks (shout out to DG for the cycle suggestion!). I will keep you all posted on the effectiveness of these SARMs.IMG_0912.jpgIMG_0914.jpgIMG_0915.jpg

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Haha Ikr.

I just paid yesterday but I think my location is nearer to the source than you guys in the states.

Hopefully I get it within a week. Heh
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