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I feel obligated to share my story as I unfortunately frustrated a lot of people with my last order from Pharmalady. Dating back to the Fall of last year, mind you I had 4 or 5 successful previous orders with Pharmalady, I had an order seized by customs and then I never received my re-shipment in the mail. I figured it was seized a 2nd time, and sure enough 5 months later I get a letter in the mail stating the re-shipment was seized. Moral of the story there is not only will customs flag your address, they will also flag your name, I'm living proof of that. So when I placed a small order this spring, much to my chagrin I received a letter in the mail from the FDA literally 2 weeks after placing my order. I falsely accused Pharmalady of sending my package to the original name/address that was flagged. Much to my amazement the FDA was bringing up my past orders back from the Fall of last year. I really messed up here and owe PL, cbbram, moebetter sincere apologies on my behalf. All of her products are top notch, she will work with you to get what you need, no questions asked. Hard to believe the United States government is so damn slothful when it comes to investigating seized packages. Doesn't matter, but what matters most is don't assume Pharmalady messed up (as I did), she is the very best.
Thanks for sharing your experience. Like I tell everyone if you have patience and remain professional you will be taken care of. Sometimes it can take a little while due to her work load but she will leave no one empty handed according to the policies and procedures she has on her price list.
Pharma Lady has always been my go-to for awhile now. I’ve only had 2 packages not make it through customs. She’s always worked with me.

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Appreciate your post, I'm glad understand how things can happen that can't be controlled by sources/reps. We do our best to provide good customer service unfortunately customs sometimes gets in the way.

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