Peak performance and Axio


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Just curious on their products offered? I know this a very blanket/vague question. I just legitimately want to hear what you guys like about their products. I’ve ordered from numerous sponsors on here, and other non supported labs along the way. Always like to hear the good and bad concerning domestic labs.
Hey bud I don’t even know where to start. I guess when u find a great product along with unmatched service you stick with it. Selection that IWGF offers is a mile long along with actual pharma grade products. I mean you can follow my long from my prep. After switching to those two labs alone I went from 213 on stage to 240. That’s significant jump and I didn’t get any younger. I’m an old bastard at this point but yet still making progress. All i can tell you is at least give it a shot so to speak you won’t regret it

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Anyone use the peak performance cialis? The Axio cialis is fire, but much more expensive.
I haven't even run the Peak cialis. I have a few coming my way to test. The EU/AXIO are so good that all I need is a half every 2 or 3 days. When you factor in how infrequently you take the cialis, the price isn't that high.

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Anyone interested in a price list or ordering please contact me via PM.
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