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If I'm running 16 weeks of sustanon and 4 weeks of anadrol to start off, do I start the pct at the and of the 16 weeks? What do I do for the anadrol during weeks 5-16?


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You start your pct 2 weeks after your last pin...

What are your stats, goals and experience brother? Have you done other cycles? What have you got for pct? Are you using an AI?


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I'm 29 years old, 6'3" 230lbs, not sure about Body fat% but I'd say around 15% or so. I've done a few cycles before, such as 1. sustanon 250 for 12 weeks, 2. sust and tren for 12 weeks, 3.sust and dbol 4. And most recently test-e, hgh and Anavar....the last one got cut short and fucked up due to breaking my leg and not being able to pct correctly. This cycle I'm planning now is
Weeks 1-12 sustanon 250 500mg/week
Somatropin 5ius 5 days on/2 days off
^^^I plan on doing the GH for 5 or 6 months, possibly longer
And anadrol I'm debating if I'm going to use, I want to see how the sust and GH treat me. If I'm satisfied with the gains I'm going to get rid of the anadrol. If I do run the anadrol though I will do 25mgs every day for at least 2 weeks. And depending on the side effects and results I will either keep the dosage at 25mgs or increase it to 50mgs for another 2 weeks.


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I forgot to add that I have HCG, Clomid, nolva and HCGenerate. I'm going to run he 501516 and n2guard throughout the cycle and pct. I've also had good results with 5% nutrition liver and organ defender so I'm going to run that as well.

I always have good cholesterol, blood pressure and all my blood work is good after a cycle (I guess my body just recovers well) but my main issue is the back acne. Sometimes I break out and sometimes I don't. I am going to take a since supplement and shower 2x a day and have my girlfriend scrub my back with alcohol every night.


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I have HCG, clomid, nolva, and Generate. I will be running n2guard and gw501516 from start of cycle to end of pct. I also am running 5% nutrition liver and organ defender as well. I've always kept my bloodwork such as BP, cholesterol enzymes etc in check after a cycle I guess my body just recovers well in that aspect but my issue is with Back acne. I can't pin point which compound makes me break out but I think I have figured out how to keep it under control. I'm going to take a since supplement 30mgs 2 times per day, shower 2-3 times per day and wash with an exfoliate after I train. Also my girlfriend will scrub my back with alcohol every night. If anyone has any other tips for me in that area please don't hesitate to tell me.


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Hcg should only be used the last two weeks of your cycle and while esters clear until pct starts. Dosage is 500iu twice per week

Pct should be this

Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/20/20/20
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
Mk2866 25mg per day dosed in the am
GW 20mg per day


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what do you mean what do you do for the anadrol weeks 5-16? clearly you only run it 4 weeks so what exactly do you mean beyond that?? im lost there...

your pct is VERY weak... its sounds like from your post you came from evo which is the worst possible place on earth to be for information. SMH

when you are in pct, you are going to get a major spike in cortisol... cortisol is termed the "gains killer" for a reason... it will put you into a catabolic state which will not allow you to build muscle and at the same time will eat it away, on top of the fact you will also get unwanted fat gain... so you will lose muscle and gain fat that you had just busted your ass an entire cycle for... GW and MK prevent the rise in cortisol... not only that but they keep you performing at a level you were while on cycle being the ultimate performance enhancers they are... on top of the fact that mk2866 is the ultimate for healing and recovery, which is imperative in pct as well as keeping strength up to a very high level... gw will also treat cholesterol and blood pressure, which are definitely things that need addressed in pct as well…

clomid 50/50/50/25//25/25
nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 mg eod
mk-2866 25 mg day (ONLY 4 WEEKS)
gw-501516 20 mg day

you also DO NOT need hcg anymore... i have a new product that completely replaces the need to use it...