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Hey Dylan,

Your video series is awesome! I have a quick question and I HOPE you can help me.

I going to run the following for 8wks:
1. 1/2 cc twice a wk of Test 400
- Test Cyp 187mg/ml
- Test Enan 188mg/ml
- Test Prop 25mg/ml

2. Oxandrolone 40mg ED

3. 1/2 cc twice a wk of Trenbosus 300
- Tren Ace 100mg/ml
- Tren Enan 100 mg/ml
- Tren Hex 100mg/ml

I need some assistance with the PCT. I saw your video on the complete PCT but I need a starting dose for the following for 4 weeks:

I'm asking this because after looking at all your videos I have never done the PCT correctly SMH..
Aromasin at 12.5mg ED of the cycle and during PCT?
GW 501516?
MK 2866 at 25mg ED
Clomid 40/20/20/10
Nova at 40/20/20/10?

Also; where can I purchase the Aromasin, GW 501516 and MK 2866?

I saw the OrganST on your site, so I'm sure the dosage is on the bottle

I have Nova and Clomid

I'm 5'10" 190lb 16%BF

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I want to get started but I need the Aromasin 1st



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My stats are as follows:
I'm 41/5'10"/190lbs my body fat is 15-16% according to a friend that has been working with me on the nutrition side of things. I need to get pinched to get the exact number.
Attached is a photo
This would be my 6th cycle. Unfortunately when I was in college, I tried gear but I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I even had tren pills about 5 ago, but again my diet was not where it is now.
A lot of money, time in the gym and probably gains wasted.
Pic attached


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You are about 18-19 but definitely have the base there. Steroids would not be anything i could advise right now until you get your body fat down. I would go with sarms first to help get your body fat down

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Thanks! I appreciate your help!

One last thing... I started the Test and Anavar a week and a half ago. If I stop do I need a PCT or can I jump on the sarms? I've taken 3 pins of test smh