PCT after cycle and TRT


Hi everyone,

I?m sure this question has been asked before; I just finished up a 16 week cycle of Test, Deca, and EQ. I also took Proviron and Armidex with this cycle. I did my last pin this Friday. Next Friday, I?m going to start doctor prescribed TRT (90mg). My questions are;

1 - Is PCT not needed since I?m starting TRT?
2 - If PCT isn?t needed, what other supplements do you recommend I take...organ support, mk-2866, cardarine, etc?
3 - Would it be too much for my body if I started a small SARMs cycle with my TRT?

Thank you!!


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No pct needed if starting trt just make sure to taper off your arimidex as the test will still be in your system at those higher levels for weeks after your last pin.

You can run Sarms. I take an organ support as my multivitamin so you can def take it.

I honestly would wait though. Get your TRT dialed in then add sarms.


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Correct, you do not require a PCT since you are going on TRT. Personally, I would take a bunch of time off from blasting or running anything. It can take some time to get your TRT dose dialed in and plus you are coming off a pretty hefty cycle. It will take a lot of time to normalize.


Thanks guys for your valuable input. I will take your suggestions and take some time off before I jump on SARMs and also add organ support.

Dylan, regarding the SARMs cycle, I?ve gotten good size from my cycle and don?t think I need to add more mass. When I start my SARMs cycle, I want to be able to keep the gains as much as possible. I also want to keep the strength and also add muscle hardening and definition. Let me know what you recommend.