Pac man a bitch



So sick of hearing about his bullshit shoulder injury just to discredit floyds win... Why agree to the fight at that time and not wait till fully healed? Such fucking bullshit and drama.. If anyone actually knows boxing and watched the fight

manny got WAXED the last 5-6 rounds, floyd won UNANIMOUS

shut the fuck up pac and your team it wasn't even close to an even fight score wise..
No, but im not a big boxing guy, but ive messed around MMA with my 2 buddies throughout the years and know a bit.

pac looked to be winning the fight the last few rounds. May got shots in but pac's were good ones, they knocked him side to side.

May all day had the score sheet, but if your not a figher, nor boxer, just an average joe watching.........half would think Pac should of taken it. I know more than half of his punches May was blocking but watching it, it looked like it should of been close......when in the real world of boxing May had 30 + punches landed or so.
Actually I thought the whole fight was a big overhyped disappointment. A lot of buildup for a whole lot of nothing

Late to reply on this....but yes, an overhyped event with two aging fighters well past their prime, with an outcome that was already planned out...and for those who want to argue that Mayweather isn't past his prime, you should keep in mind that he's 38, yes 38, not 28....Now, if he goes in there and teaches triple G a lesson, that would be a big feat, but if you are a boxing fan, coming up in October, it's triple G versus Lemieux, and if you're going to pay for a fight, this would be a great one to go for...They both are in their respective primes with G being a little older, and they both PUNISH when they hit...I'm hoping it ends up another Vazquez/Marquez rivalry, and if you haven't seen that trilogy, well they actually fought a 4th, but the last was unnecessary for reasons that you'll see in the 1st three, UNREAL boxing...It's one of the major reasons that I think boxing is a much more exciting venture than MMA, and although I grew up on boxing, I did see the first UFC ppv with Don Frye winning a no weight class fight several fights in one night to take the title ppv...I always feel with MMA, it's up for grabs if you really think about it, at any given moment someone can land that lucky shot, and bam, it's's acute trauma with not much hype, no larger than life personalities (except that of a woman, oddly enough), and there is hardly a hero and a villain, which all great plots need....boxing comes down to sustained, chronic trauma, head-body over and over...not saying MMA can't be brutal, an arm bar can show that right off, but boxing, all you have to do is take one look at Muhammad Ali or hear Evander Holyfield speak, and you have all the evidence you need on why it can be such a brutal sport. It'a also amazing to me how a fighter can look completely demolished, yet, he's ahead in the fight, again, look back at Vazquez/Marquez (they're on youtube if you want to watch them) or hell, the Gatti/Ward fights are on there too..When I first saw Gatti fight with my Grandfather, we kept saying how does he keep going, but here is this guy, eyes swollen shut, the ring doctor askin' him how many fingers he's holding' up, with his trainer tappin' him on the leg to clue him in...go back out, and Bam, Knock-Out, unreal...and heck, go back to the early Tyson days, and he was just plain unreal scary, heavyweight power with middleweight speed, WTF, serious???...There aren't too many guys of which I would be intimidated to walk down a dark alley towards one another but Tyson would definitely be one and the other would have to be, to me, he looks like a Mexican Cartel Drug Lord, Antonio Margarito...he's one of the few fighters, I've ever seen in my life, that just keeps stalking his prey, over and over, no matter how fucked up he is...Ok, I'll leave it there for now, well almost, and if ya love trainin' as much as I do, and we all know, when it comes to trainin' there is nothin' like ROCKY for motivation, or motivization if you're Mick talkin'..." If you ever get hurt and you feel that you're goin' down this little angel is gonna whisper in your ear. It's gonna say, 'Get up you son of a bitch 'cause Mickey loves you.." I had to put it in....;)
Unreal Mike Tyson Training Footage


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