Ovigil HGC for PCT?


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Has anyone used the Ovigil HCG injections in conjunction with Clomid and Tamoxifen for post cycle. I haven't seen any mention of it on the forum but have heard descent reviews from other places. Any info would be appreciated.


Hcg should not be used in pct with things like nolva and clomid. Hcg is great but that's not the right use for it.

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Thanks for the reply. I have never ran a hcg. Did a little more searching and I found it should be used at the very end of the cycle before starting pct. Is that correct? Was also wondering about Ovigil itself. Is it recommended or is there another brand that's better or does it really matter as long as the hcg dosage is correct?

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It should be used the last three weeks of your cycle to kick start your PCT. but as stated below, don't use in PCT.


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so ive touched on this several times but it never hurts to bring it up again because this is a very tricky subject and its so often misused or misunderstood... FIRST, HCG DOES have a place for sure... anyone that says different lives in fantasy land HOWEVER, the place that is has is nowhere near as large as some present it to be.. i cannot tell you how many personal clients ive obtained ONLY from misuse of hcg and it has ruined them... i have one client who was prescribed hcg for over a year straight and ever since then, he has been nothing but an impossible mess to correct and it has ruined him on so many levels... he now has strange estrogen spikes out of nowhere, bottomed out lh and fsh regardless of every kind of therapy known to man, libido issues, continuous lethargy battles, desensitized to it completely, etc... the list goes on and on... this is a guy who had only run 1-2 cycles in his past but had low T and this was what was prescribed to him... here's the deal with hcg.. HCG mimicks LH and FSH... When you run a cycle, test also does this by mimicking amounts of test provided and because it goes at such a high level, your body forgets how to produce on its own, so when you stop taking it, you stop producing test which is the point of pct and things like clomid and nolva to jumpstart your production... so WHY ON EARTH would you run hcg in pct to only continue to mimick lh and fsh when your supposed to be jumpstarting it? does that not defeat the purpose? not to mention that it can increase estrogen, which is HORRIBLE during pct, it can be suppressive, OBVIOUSLY amongst several other issues... when you run it too long you can definitely desensitize, obviously the higher the dose, the more probable of this but ultimately, it will occur regardless... the best method of use is in 4 weeks increments, leading right up to pct as it prepares you for a smoother recovery as its raised lh and fsh which has bottomed out while dosing test but you clearly inhibit that recovery the longer you mimick... that's why its imperative to time this all properly to get all the positives and none of the negatives! a protocol of 1000 ius per week is perfect when using


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Thanks for the great info everyone. Dylan thanks for taking the time to explain in depth. That's why I'm on this forum! I'll plan on 500 ius twice a week for 4 weeks. 4000 ius total. Then start Clomid/ nolva shortly after.