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Overcoming the Corona Virus Down Time with SARMS


It is common knowledge that if you are using PED's, you do not want to miss out on training. You obviously want to get the most out of what you are doing however in this unpredictable time with closings going on, many gyms are closed down for a minimum of 2 weeks in most areas and longer in others. SARMS were designed to prevent muscle wastage. This was the intent in their creation, meaning they can be of excellent help during this time. I would advise everyone to get creative at home. There are always ways to work your body, even just doing circuits on your own, pushups etc. There are always ways to get by and SARMS can be that extra help to keep muscle loss at a minimum if any during this terrible time. We will do our best to offer promotions and quick service during this time!

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I've been using my resistance bands while my gym is closed. Dont underestimate those bands, they kick my ass lol.


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My aunt was going to throw her total Gym away so I swooped in it lol used it yesterday for the first time and I think I can keep some of my gains with it I got a pretty good pump !


I bought this thing called the X3 bar and there amazing resistance bands. Biggest one can simulate 300 pounds doing chest press. I can't even move that band for one rep yet. But I will get there.