Ostarine & the effects on female hormones


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Hi Dylan & everyone else on here. Thank you for all of your time providing such valuable information to us.

Any advice on my own situation would be much appreciated.

47yo female. Weight training 25+ years with considerable muscle gain over that time.

The last 18months or so I decided to give Ostarine a go. Think I have done 3 cycles over the time. Mostly 12-16 weeks at a time. Starting on 5mg and increasing to 10mg during the 12-16 weeks. I saw considerable gains each time I did a cycle. Usually while I was on it and then I would lose my thicker look while I was off it. Fluid retention/Water I would say?? Anyway I liked the increase in strength during my cycle.

My main question is in relation to increased Estrogen the Ostarine has possibly given me? I’m an usual case where pretty much my entire life my estrogen levels have been non-existent. No menstrual cycle, and very low levels of estrogen in my blood works.

About a month after finishing an Ostarine cycle last Sept 2017 (ran the cycle a little longer than I had in the past) I got my first menstrual cycle. That is the only ‘natural’ menstrual cycle I have had pretty much my entire life without being on a contractive pill in my 20’s. Doc thought it was probably menopause but bloods and ultrasound showed the opposite. Good estrogen levels, follicles etc. Plus I now have a regular menstrual cycle each month. I presume the Ostarine has kicked started my own female hormone production for the first time in my life? Does this sound correct to you?

I’m not a fan of these female hormones including increased fat gain around the butt/upper thigh area.

I’m running another cycle of Ostarine at present on a lower dose of 5mg to see how my body responds. Noticing gains again plus I can feel some menstrual symptoms but as yet nothing has come about.

So I just wanted to know if there are any other SARMS you would recommend that don’t seem to mess with the hormones too much but give the benefit of fat loss? I see you normally recommend Cardarine & Andarine are these a little easier on the hormones?
Thanks in advance.


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Ohh no wonder I get good results. Do you mean like an Androgen pro hormone? No wonder my hormones are firing up. Damn.