Ostarine Dosing Issue


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Don't think it's a huge issue, but here goes:

I got myself Ostarine from Enhanced Athlete (reliable source) though they come in 10mg pills. Meaning I have three options that I can think of. 20ED, 30ED, or alternate between 20 and 30 to be averaging 25ED (though I was told on another site that this might cause unwanted spikes).

What would you guys recommend?

Also side note, I have enough to run 20ED for 12 weeks, or 30ED for 8 weeks (though theoretically could just buy more and extend the 30ED to 12 weeks).

6'3 210lbs, already been lifting a few years, first time on SARM or any other PED.

I'm mostly looking to add some mass and lose some fat, so maybe recomp. Will probably run maintenance calories or slightly over.

I know this forum extensively recommends 25ED for Ostarine, but that's kinda hard when considering pills (to be exact, capsualted).
Also a 4th option would be to take a 10mg pill every 9 hours 36 minutes, to average 25mg ED, though that feels kinda hard to work with.
sorry to tell you be EA is not a reliable source. theres a reason they got raided. id be careful with what youre taking it may not even be ostarine
Lets hope its legit, its the only source I can get (not american). I had EA Cardarine in same capsules and was definitely legitimate.
they stopped selling sarms dude and as pointed out, went through a lot of issues and are still dealing with them now.. not good at all...
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