Ostarine + Cardarine + Test Base


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I'm new to this forum. Already got some experience with PEDs. This is my burner Account so. So what is my plan?

Week 1-8 20mg Ostarine + 20mg Cardarine Daily
Week 4-12 25mg Clomid as a Test Base + PCT

Found some interesting german articles which describe how people doubled their Test with Clomid. Pretty interesting. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to say where i bought stuff so i wont tell you.

What you guys think?
highly recommend not using clomid on cycle. save it for pct

this whole 'test on cycle' thing is pretty stupid. bodybuilders went 50 years without test as a base, then someone came up with the idea in the 2000's and parroted it

you don't need a test base on any cycle, especially sarms
I’m with Steve on the clomid. You shouldn’t use it during cycle. Just during pct. I do run a test base but keep it moderate. Around 350mgs a week
extremely unnecessary and major overkill to use clomid as a "test base" with sarms.. . you do whatever you want but that is very unnecessary..
No need for clomid man. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
Some guys will even run clomid as their TRT but I don't recommend it. Not something you should be on for extended periods of time.
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