Ostarine As Pct After LGD Cycle


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As the title says. Can you use Osta as a Pct after an LGD cycle. Is it possible that u could still be suppressed after doing this and how would u go about it. I was thinking of running LGD for 8 weeks, then Osta for 4 to cut a bit and then have 4 weeks off using Nolva if required. What do ya think?
Don't mention stacking coz I'm not doing it and I won't take mk677, cardarine and that shit.


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I recommend just sticking with the same compounds for 12 straight weeks. You won't accomplish much in 4 weeks.


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You really should run LGD for 12 weeks. If you only run it for 8 you will be cutting off the best part of the cycle.
Then if you run the next part for 4 you will not get the benefit from it cause that cycle is too short. I don’t think you will get your expectations met that way.


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ostarine is not a pct.. so no, you cannot... ostarine is a small part of a pct after a steroid cycle but should not be after a sarms cycle... your layout makes zero sense... ostarine for 4 weeks in a cycle is not going to do much for you and just a waste of money... you need to run lgd 12 weeks...


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Ok guys, thanks for the input. I'll run the lgd for 12 weeks and save the Osta for another time.