Ostarine?? and Cardarine


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Hello Dylan,

I’m a fan of your videos and watch them every week. I find them informative and entertaining too. I just ran a cycle of Ostarine for 5 weeks and Cardarine for 16. So I would have started Cardarine back in December and Ostarine sometime around the first two weeks of February. I have it in my calendar for the exact dates. I was surprised to see that my bloodwork turned up showing that my Test had dropped. On October 29, 2018 my Test was the following

Just recently on March 18, 2019 my test was the following

So since October and now I’ve not ran anything suppressive except for the Ostarine. Of note I’m in Canada which is why the units of measure are different.
Now I’m wondering if the Ostarine I got was something else. As I only ran it for 5 weeks and I believe beyond that point is when it’s supposed to start to get suppressive. I ran 30 MG a day for 5 weeks. I’m 44 years old and unfortunately due to injuries I didn’t even get to lift on that cycle. I just continued to use it as I thought it wouldn’t suppress me and it should’ve sped up healing. Since I have low test right now I’m thinking of parlaying that into a script for TRT…potentially, or am thinking of running a PCT to get back to normal test levels. If and when my doctor sends me to an endocrinologist for TRT possibly I may just run the cycle again to crash my test temporarily. Although as I write this it seems like a lot of messing around with hormones which may not be beneficial in the long run. In any case my question is, do you believe I got real Ostarine? I got it from the now defunct Or did I maybe get a pro hormone or steroid or something? In which case I should obviously run a mini PCT right?

I may want to get TRT just because the Test is pharma grade and will make me feel better. Although my Doctor won’t consider it unless my test levels show as being low. It’s a dilemma but I want to be safe either way. BTW I have clomid on hand and (I kind of went on a shopping spree before)more cardarine. Plus Rad 140 LGD 4033, Mk677, so I’m planning on running a couple more cycles in the near future…Although everything I have is from and the now defunct Neobolics, except the Clomid which is from an overseas pharmacy.
i dont see any test numbers whatsoever... you should never have serious suppression with sarms... irc is KNOWN for selling bad sarms and i have no idea what they were actually selling but it definitely was not sarms, so if you are having big issues, then it was definitely not sarms you were taking and its not surprising considering the source you used...
I agree with Dylan. These issues are source related, and nothing new with that one especially.
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