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Hello Dylan and everybody. I was recently diagnose with Vertebral Osteopenia... That is a low density on my vertebraes..I want to know if Ostarine can help me with that condition....and if adding mk677 will help me too. Thanks!!

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As far as helping your condition, I can't give any type of certainty on that at all...but it sure wouldn't hurt. I can't see them correcting your condition by any means, but it may be able to help in some way. This is purely speculation on my part, as I have no real knowledge on your condition or how it would be affected by sarms


I think it would HELP, but certainly won't make any permanent correction. While on you may have increased bone strength and/or density but that's speculation as Rick said. S4 may also be beneficial. It has had promising study results on osteoporosis.


Mk677 also wouldn't hurt at all. Just make sure you get quality sarms like Sarmsx or it will be tough to know if you even tested out real stuff.


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yes, it can definitely help you there brother... they both will accelerate and/or alleviate pain and healing... keep in mind that mk677 needs to be ran for a minimum of 6 months continuously without cycling off… also, 677 is faked everywhere due to the extremely high cost of production… has pure mk677… the very best you can find…