Osta/Card + Testolone


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I had a couple questions about a current stack I have taken and added on.

Background: I competitively crosstrain.

Does anyone have experience with BUILT Nutrition?? I was skeptical at first as it is in cap form, but I ran Osta/Card Ripped (ostarine/cardarine stack) for 12 weeks and had great results. A decent gain in strength and my endurance was incredible. I took a 4 week break with and a mini PCT. Second time around I decided to add Testolone. This is where I have had issues. I've been on this the past 6 days or so and my hunger is through the roof and exercise I feel like my heart is going to explode and some knee/joint pain. Definitely think the Testolone may be bunk thinking its a prohormone instead. I'm cutting it out now hoping I bounce back with the normal results I had from the Osta/Card. Testolone should help endurance even more correct? Not make it more difficult to function under a high heart rate right???

Just looking for a second opinion on this.

Next month I plan to purchase from Sarmsx and finish the cycle for another 12 weeks. Thoughts? Also wondering how much I would need to purchase for a 12 week cycle if i do Ostarine and Cardine from Sarmsx. Any insight is appreciated.


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not a legit source whatsoever... sarmsx is closed and has been over a year and a half... they have some scam company that bought the old web domain and now have a scam site up


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Thoughts on the current cycle?

Obviously dropping the "testolone" because i think that's the issue/fake product. I will not be purchasing from BUILT again.

If Sarmsx isnt legit any good sources? I have watched a ton of your videos and definitely look towards you for a lot of guidance on this one.



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Rad 140 should if anything cause a very slight increase in endurance correct? Definitely not hurt it right?

thanks in advance.