Orals suck, need sarms advice


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I’ve tried a couple different oral steroids as both starters and finishers on cycles, but I don’t seem to be having much luck with them. I run test as a base and almost always run deca as well because I respond very well to it. I have also tried adding dbol and winstrol (on different cycles, not at the same time) but didn’t have much luck with them. Dbol made me bloated and watery and I even started to develop a little gyno, but I stopped quick enough for it to completely go away. Winstrol went slightly better in the sense that I actually noticed benefits. I noticed significant strength gains and vascularity, however I also got very bad acne from it. On top of that I had a few other symptoms to suggest that my liver and kidneys, as well as blood pressure were compromised, so I stopped this as well.

I’ve always been a steroids > sarms kind of guy, but my recent experiences have opened my mind to other options. I was wondering which sarms you think would pair best with a test/deca cycle. I was also wondering what your recommendation would be for compounds to improve metabolic activity (fat mobilization while maintaining lean tissue). The obvious choice seems to be GH, but I’m reluctant to trust almost any source claiming to have legit GH, and I’m also not made of money. Mk677 seems to be the next best alternative, but I was wondering if you thought something else might work better.


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mk677 is the closest thing you can find to hgh in terms of what it does similarly...

as far as what to stack with test/deca... it depends on what your goal from the cycle is and your stats... age/height/weight/body fat


If you are looking to run a Sarm that is similar to an oral I had a lot of results with test and LGD. I was actually very surprised at how I was able to get the strength gains without any bloat. I know S4 has also been a very popular Sarm that is comparable to oral AAS. I have never ran that one though but seen plenty of results from brothers around here.