Orals and Test Blodd Levels


New member here but long time reader....Here is my question. I am currently on TRT 200mg weekly of test cyp.
Love it and dont want to mess with Rx by doing something crazy at test time.

For Tbol, Anavar and Dbol, which will influence test levels and to what degree? Def do not want to spike. Leaning
towards Dbol or Tbol (~4 week run, mabe 8) but want to know if they will spike test levels and if so then how long would I need to
back off from them prior to a checkup test?

My levels now >1400 test and est at low end optimum. OK to get them wacky on blast but not
come next blood work.

Thanks much in advance for the knowledge! billb
The orals shouldn't affect your test numbers at all, but if you have a blood test at certain times I'd personally just run them away from that time frame if possible

Also don't ever exceed 6 weeks of oral use at a time

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I will let the more experienced members comment on the affect of Orals on Test levels...curious about that myself. I will however say do not run Dbol more than 4 weeks or tbol more than 6 weeks.
when you run orals without test, then they will lower your levels significantly but since you are doing it the right way and using test, you will not be showing that... orals are definitely not going to raise test levels, so you dont have to worry about that happening.... bro, listen, you cannot run any oral 8 weeks and dbol should not exceed 4 weeks... tbol, winstrol, anavar can all be ran 6 weeks...
Thanks my men....sounds great. This verified my thinking. I will do 4 weeks w/ Dbol and have some fun with it (PS, 1st time w/Dbol and at ~215 lbs what does/day you guys recommend?).

Btw, the test cyp (high end TRT @200mg/week and I usually draw a little more than I should :)) has been a blast. My BF probably 15-19% and up from 191 to 218lb in past 3mo but been very disciplined with gym and cardio. Diet
decent but not magazine-like disciplined. Much much stronger. So happy! Oh, and TRT def got rid of fog and hesitations, etc. (was prior on low end of test scale - not out of norm but low).
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