Optimal Sarm Cycle Lengths


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I am trying to gain as much information regarding SARM cycle lengths as possible, I have only ever ran 8 week cycles and I am looking for fact based evidence regarding optimal SARM cycle lengths, i can see a lot of information given out on here always pushes 12 week cycles for SARMS and am curious as to why 12 weeks is deemed to be most optimal, I know you see a lot of scare mongering over Reddit by inexperienced teens saying ? 8 weeks or you?ll get shutdown bro? and would love to hear some proper fact based evidence on why 12 weeks is most optimal.

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You will only get shutdown that hard on "SARMs" in 8 weeks if they are not legit SARMs. 12 weeks is great with legit products. That is how you will get the most out of a cycle. Nothing wrong with 8 weeks, you can still make great gains but 12 weeks is my preference. Check out


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it depends on the compound... s23 for example, being so strong, is recommended for 8 weeks only... my main source in coming up and deriving cycle lengths is HANDS ON experience... ive coached thousands of people over the past decade on sarms cycles, etc... ive analyzed countless amounts of bloodwork, followed intensely and have found these numbers to be the most accurate or they would not be recommended... any asshole can get online and start throwing out bs numbers they parrott and read from others... not that many have the amount of HANDS ON experience that I have... 12 weeks is a safe length where you are allowing the compounds to reach their full potential... noone here says you cannot see results in 8 weeks on most of these, however you are leaving gains on the table that are to be had and you would not be putting yourself in a compromising position running that length of time...


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I don?t dabble with SARMS anymore but 8 weeks alsways seemed like a waste of time for me. Like Dylan stated above certain compounds maybe 8 weeks only but running the basic more
Common ones 12 weeks minimum. If you have quality SARMS then you most likely will not get completely shut down. You should be doing a PcT anyways so not really a concern. 8 weeks may sound like a lot but how much progersss can your really see in 8 weeks ? Plus a lot of compounds don?t even peak until week 8 anyways.


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8 weeks is a good length but many of the sarks will keep giving results long after that which is why 12 is optimal in most cases