Off season


So I just finished my recomposition which was successful

I?m going into a off season now I have been running Test sust 250 for 9 weeks. I have ran two cycles previously both test e and t Bol at 500mg and 30- 50mg always had amazing results even at low dosages. I?m trying to pack on some good quality muscle in this off season prior starting pro qualifier prep.

So far it?s been
Week 1-3 test sust at 250mg a week
Week 4-6 test sust at 500mg week

I plan on running this cycle to 15 weeks because of my experience on cycle and as I started quite low initially on test I was thinking what you coaches or experienced enhanced lifter would recommend I add to this cycle for the last 6 weeks to add some good quality muscle and at what dosages.

Thanks man
I don't quite follow. You just finished a recomp cycle and you now want to do a bulking cycle? Did you take a break in between? Are you on TRT?
Yeah so I always take a break in between on cycles I started

Iv only being running the test for 9 weeks at the dosages above I just want to add a compound for the remaining 6 weeks
Tren ace for 6 remaining weeks okay what orals would u recommend


So Tren is petty harsh.

I wouldnt stack an Oral with that. If you are going for strictly an oral you could look at Anadrol if looking for bang for your buck buts its highly liver toxic so need to make sure you are taking a liver supplement like N2Guard.
you SO NOT want to run aromatizing orals this late in a cycle... the last thing you want going into pct is running anything like that... i certainly would not just "throw in" tren right now... you planned this very poorly and its not ideal to just add something... tbol would likely be the best option for your goals... winstrol and anavar are excellent finishers but poor planning leads to complicated scenarios... which is what you now have... you could add a sarm but once again, you would be cutting it short... s23 is the one you could add because 6-8 weeks is actually enough and that would be really sweet for what your wanting to accomplish because you can add size but its so damn clean...
I?m trying to pack on some good quality muscle in this off season prior starting pro qualifier prep.
Not much more is going happen with 6 weeks left. I would just increase calories and finish your test only cycle at 500mg.
Cheers for the advise I was originally planning on the test only cycle I thought of adding a compound at the beginning though I went against it simply because the test is enough to get the gains I want

I was just curious about other compounds to add I know they should be ran from beginning most the time unless using a drug such as tren at the second half of a prep into a show or something. My next cycle will be decca test and d Bol later on the year what dosage do you recommend it will be my first time using decca and dbol
I only run a cycle once a year I?ll consider running two in a year I won?t run my next cycle until much later after I get my blood results and test level are normal I get them done prior during and after my cycle I just want to plan ahead so I know exactly what I?m running then

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