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Hello Dylan need help with diet .

Goal is loose fat and gain lean muscle.

Training 6 times per week (intense) (1 hour weight training and 10 to 15 mins cardio )

Current weight 175 with 17%bf
Meal 1

5 egg whites , 1 cup oatmeal , 1 scoop whey + 2tbs flax seed

Meal 2

6 oz chicken 12oz green veggies

Meal 3

6 oz chicken 1 or 1/2 cup carrots

Meal 4

2 scoop whey and banana ( will be replacing(whey) with 6 oz fish)

After training 2 scoop whey

Meal 5 (post workout meal )

4 egg whites 1 whole egg, oat meal


Lcartinine everyday
Creatine on and off
Bcca (morning , before and after workout)

Doing this from 1 year and have lost 40 pounds and it's stuck now.
Can't eat red meat.

Really really appreciated guys.

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Well first of all, you’ve done a great job so far! If you’ve lost 40lbs, your diet was definitely on point... if you’re stuck, you probably just need to tweak it a bit.

Calculate your TDEE based on your new weight and adjust your diet so you eat at a caloric deficit. Rick’s post on dieting could be useful...

You could also use sarms to help you... let me know if you need any help with a cutting stack


a couple points to fine tune....5 scoops of whey is at least 125 grams of protein...which is more than 50% of your total protein intake...this is way to need to switch it out for real food protein (which you seem to be already planning}

10-15 min of cardio does almost nothing for fat need to elevate your heart rate to 70% of max..and keep it there for a MIN of 45min

good luck on your continued transformation bro
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Thank you guys .
I will definitely will switch my 5 scoops of whey to 3.

I'm following Dylan for a long time , so I know the sarms for cutting and all.

But how many carbs and fat you guys suggest at this weight ??

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