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November GREAT discounts!!

Dear customer

We would like to welcome this new month with a nice discount in some of our best sellers products.

Listed products and prices will be available until Tuesday the 10th or until the discounted stock of each product will be sold out as just between 5 and 15 units of each product will have those special prices so I recommend you to place your order urgently if you are interested in buying any of them :) Discounts are between 25 and 30%

You can see all those products by clicking here:

Here you have the price list!

Oxandrosto 25: 52.50 USD

Oxandrosto 10: 48.75 USD

Stanasto 10: 41.25 USD

Stanasto 25: 51 USD

Dbolasto 10: 41.25 USD

Clenasto 40: 20.25 USD

Halosto 10: 36 USD

Turanostoa 10: 24.75 USD

Sustoa 250: 35 USD

Testoa C 250: 38.50 USD

Equistoa 200: 45.50 USD

Trenasto E200: 58.10 USD

Nandrostoa 300: 45.50 USD

Nandrostoa P100: 30.10 USD

Do not miss this amazing sale and say a proper “Hi!” to November!


New member
I'm waiting to for the proviron missed it when he did have it on sale hoping won't the next time. Thanks bro for being awesome at least I can stock on some deca. The tbol is good bros plenty of aggression I'm sticking to 20mgs of it anymore and I am to unbearable at work.

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