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New member but long time Dylan fan on YouTube. Seen almost all his videos and got to say the guy is a genius. Every video is full of education and passion. Recently stumbed on a video(Idk if old or newer) about other YouTube/Social media faces and them giving out bad/good advice. Watched about 30 secs of it and put down the phone and for the life of me cant seem to find it again. If I could get the name of the title it would be much appreciated!
Will be posting my stats shortly and thank you for having me here :D


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Present Stats
Age: 25
Weight: 185
Height: 5'7
Body Fat: 11%
Fitness History: Been working out since 9th grade and steady & faithful diet and training for 7 years
Cycles: I have 3 cycles under my belt using Test E as my first and Test E and Anadrol being my last two.

Future Cycle :
Test E Wk1-12 @400mg/week
Anadrol Wk1-4 @50mg/week
Adex EOD @.5mg

PCT Wk 14-18
Nov 20/20/20/20
Clo 30/30/20/20
Adex .5mg EOD

I absolutely love this cycle and have no interest in venturing into anything else but I'm also a big fan of the quote "If it ain't broken, don't fix it"

Personal: Music is life as well as the beach ! Been playing guitar since I was 11. Workaholic. I enjoy people watching and I'm quick to listen before I speak.
THANK YOU again for having me here and making me feel welcomed!
Sorry for my tardiness, work has me beat currently this week.

WAZZUP Dylan !