New to Steroids and need help for Crossfit


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Hi! I ask here as i know very little about this and i find it hard to read about when there is so much to read about. I am a Crossfitter, yes joke how much you want but i like it. I have been training for 1 year and a half and have gotten in shape, i try to eat as clean and well as i can, but i have gotten to some sort of plateau where its hard to get past it. I want to grow abit bigger as the only thing i have problems with in crossfit is the bigger lifts. I kinda want to "try it out" but i know thats not the case here, but if there is a sort of sarms that can help me abit, as i am new and dont need a ton of products. If someone can tell me list of things i might need and when and how often i need to take that would be great. And one more thing.. i HATE needles so pills is no problem :)

Age 27
Height 182cm
Weight 80kg
Body fat % about 20 -25 % i think
Years of training 2 years
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) nothing
PCT for each cycle nothing
Goals To get past my plateau
Supplements (if any) Only pre-workout, whey and creatine
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???)
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) No surgeries, just abit bad back from time to time.


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What you need is at minimum 2-3 more years of lifting experience even if it is CrossFit. Juts cuz you all the sudden think you care abou your NEW hobby does not mean you should even be considering gear. You just picked up a Fad. You don’t even come close to hitting your angular peak until year 4 of steady consistent lifting or that CrossFit nonsense


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You have not hit a plateau after a year-and-a-half and "trying" to eat clean.


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You are definitely not in the right condition or have enough experience for steroids. Sarms might be decent option, but based on your bodyfat your goal should be getting into better shape. That starts with diet. What does your current diet look like?