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New to sarms. Interested in the community opinion


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Age: 45
Height 6
Weight 206
Body fat % 22
Years of training: wrestled in hs/college. Weight lifted in late 20s to about 35 then kids came. Began rigid training again 3 years ago.
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): never cycled. Tried oral stan stupidly. Now been on depo test at dr (120mg a week) for 2 years as maintenances due to levels being in the 100s. Recent blood work has me in the 600s
PCT for each cycle: never pct’d
Goals: looking to get a leg up in the gym and get more definition and growth without hgh and other harmful sides. want to try lgd. But am I wasting my time?
Supplements (if any) vitamins, bcaas, creatine on training days
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???) currently in nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting with 6 hour feeding window
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) no surgeries or health issues

Just looking for more info. If adding lgd or mk are worth it. Also found g7 anabolic and wondering if it’s just a bs product or worth a try. Thanks


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you are not wasting your time at all but at 22% body fat all you should be focusing on is cutting.. you are a LONG way from any sort of anabolics in the condition you are in now.... you need to get down nearly 10% body fat to even consider it


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Oh sorry. Typo. That was supposed to be 12%. I was at 26% 2 years ago. I was able to lose 47lbs and lose the belly and gain definition. But I hit a slow down. But thanks. I wouldn’t want to mess with anabolics if didn’t already have a rigid training routine.
So my other concern is will I need a good pct plan if I’m on a maintenance test program through my dr. He also suggested mentioned researching sarms such as lgd 4033 and
Side question. I’ve read people prefer to just drink the solution and some under the tongue. Thoughts?