New SARMS sponsor coming soon.. SARMS4Sale


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We will be having a new SARMS sponsor coming very soon... They are called SARMS4Sale... Their website is

These guys are the real deal and have competitive prices and stock everything... They have s23 and yk11 as well... They are going to be a huge asset to the community...

as many of you know... esarms has been having processing and stock issues for over a month and so they will be leaving until they can start to get things on the go again... It was great having them here but things need to improve and they are definitely headed in the right direction!
Sounds like a great selection and great prices. What's not to love!?
that?s AWESOME! i heard these guys are absolutely the best top shelf stuff
Sarms4sale is already showing us all they are the best around, and you'll all start to see the logs and user feedback coming in very soon. They already have solid COAs to show their purity and quality
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