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So.... Its been quite a long time since there was a domestic sarms source on the forum... I have been approached constantly by different places but as everyone knows, my skepticism and pickiness when it comes to things is extremely high, especially when it comes to sarms... I have been extremely selective throughout this time and have finally found an extremely high comfort level with a new company. There will be third party testing results posted soon and the last 12 weeks I have been using their GW and S4 and have absolutely loved it... You will start to see logs posted as well and not only here but on Evolutionary and Elite Fitness forums as well... The new company is called ESARMS and you can also see the Banned Nutrition Banners up as they will be on here as well... We will touch on that company as they actually open... Esarms is domestic so it will be a very nice option to everyone. From what I have been told, they should be opening this month... I am not sure the exact date... I will post as soon as I know for sure but stay tuned for more info coming soon...
We're still logging and testing. There will be an announcement when they are open for business.
The reason noone is getting a response if because ive probably send over a million times that when i had an update it would be posted. Instead of continuously saying soon i want something definitive, which i dont have. I assume any day since they said month but one more time... when i know everyone will know immediately

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DG!!!. Thank you so much for all that you do brother!. It’s much appreciated by all of us.[emoji120][emoji119]

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