New product TRES-50 (Trestolone Acetate) Pharma Lady

Using Dostinex (cabergoline) with steroids is quite a new thing and very effective, some use it as essential and others dont use it at all, it really depends on how each persons body reacts, those who naturally have high prolactin will need it and those that dont might not, cbbram advice is good, keep on hand in case and see how your body reacts, low dose just 2 times per week works very well.
Here's a quicky, I haven't been on it long. Last Trt pin was about 3 weeks ago, at 100mg 80%cyp / 20%prop.

Shortly after I started 25mg eod of trestolone ace. Along with aromasin at 12.5 every 3 days. Purely for androgen replacement. (I may get a talkin to for this, but I wanted something to cruise on while the test cleared my system before I go see my doc)

Nothing extravagant to report on other than I feel normal and libido has been normal, (maybe even a little higher)
Weight still gets moved at a great rate the gym, and mass is still there, even gained maybe 2 or 3 lbs since I started trest.
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