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Allow me to introduce myself I’m
38yr male
5,6 tall (or short) how ever you wanna see it
BF I’m not sure!! All I can tell you that my abs are showing lol , and I will post a pic it might help with my BF% status...
I’m currently cruising at 200mg of test cyp 0.5cc twice a week and I will be starting my 4th cycle in may but this time I will be adding EQ for the first time along with my usual compounds which are test and deca , now from what I learned from this forum is that EQ need to be ran higher and longer so I’m thinking of doing a 20wk cycle...
Wk 1-20 500mg test cyp
Wk 1-20 800mg EQ
Wk 1-14 600mg deca
.5 Arimidex twice a week
Now I’ve never needed caber in my past cycles but I always have it in hand just in case,
Thanks everyone and I’m open for any advice or suggestions


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Nice don't need caber for any of the gear you listed here...200mg is high for a cruise...when is the last time you had your bloods done?


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Are you on doctor prescribed trt or just cruising because?

Also I would never run deca higher than test


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Welcome to the brotherhood Chi-Tanic. Great first post. That's one hell of a stack. What are you goals?