New member here just wanted to do an intro


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Hey guys,

I’ve been browsing for a few weeks. Really impressive crowd for sure.I’m 34 years old. 190bs. 12% body fat. Haven't done a cycle for over 3 years and looking to hit it again.

What brought me here is my original source back home is no longer playing. Also I don’t have any local contacts to source the material/gear. I was introduced to sarms which does have me interested. Looking to continue my use and knowledge on them.
I’m hoping to understand all of these online labs and sources. Which are the real deal and which to avoid.

Just looking forward to shooting the shit with everyone. I don’t have much knowledge to offer so I’ll contribute the best I can until I’m brought up to speed.


J Dawg80

Welcome to the board brother. Ur in the right place. There’s a wealth of knowledge here. Stick around and you will figure things out. Good luck to ya bro!