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Hey guys I just joined on the site today. I read the etiquette post and just figured I'd honor it. I've read a lot of forums on here getting some awesome info from y'all, I just figured it was about time to join up and get in the mix.
Welcome to isarms bro! We are glad to have you here with us. If you have any questions or need anything please let me know
welcome. you'll find a good community and alot of help if you want it here.
Welcome to The BOP.

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You might accidentally be in the wrong forum. This is iSarms bro not Brotherhood of Pain. Accidentally post in the wrong forum all the time due to tapatalk (unless BOP means something different)
Welcome aboard. Lots of great people willing to help here.

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Welcome to isarms. Great people and good times!! I'm a Pharmacom board rep if you ever need anything shoot me a PM
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