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Need diet help


So i just purchased the ultra recomp stack. I want to add as much lean muscle as i can, while dropping alittle fat. My diet is plain and basic..
Oatmeal and eggs
Turkey, chicken, pork, lean beef
Carbs.... Brown rice and sweet potato
Vegetables.. Broccoli spinach greenbeans
Peanut butter and non salted nuts
Protein shakes

Cant eat fish but need more options to have a higher clean calorie intake.. Please help


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What you have listed is fine…you just need to hit your macros…you don't need to add more protein options if you don't like to eat them…eat what you like as your protein source


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There's nothing wrong with plain and basic and your choices are fine. Just hit your numbers.


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i mean it sounds fine to me, if you really want something clean to increase calorie intake try drizzling a little olive oil over your cooked chicken or turkey or putting a little coconut oil in your rice

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Get some oils and nuts in their along with avocados. Look into quinoa and amaranth and as a carb substitute plus they are very high in protein. Grind up some seeds and add to your shakes (pumpkin, chia, flax, sesame, hemp, sunflower,) eat some organic cottage cheese (whole milk), right before bed is great or in the middle of the night. Also look into getting some HMF powder or probiotic juice and using that in all your shakes.